Cera Impala

Edgy folk swing with a rich and soulful vocals

Cera Impala creates songs that feel instantly familiar. Her whiskey-honeyed voice and intimately crafted pieces take you to another time and place, of dreams and magic, sensual as they are savage.

Impala has toured internationally with her handpicked band, The New Prohibition. A slice of hillbilly noir and a measure of gritty 20’s and 30’s jazz, the New Prohibition have one foot in the past and the other in the future of folk, jazz and americana. Dr. Dirk, her long-time musical partner, is a fiddle-blazer of the highest degree. The synergy between them is palpable; their music otherworldly.

Born in Flagstaff, AZ Cera has made many places her home since; from Portland, Oregon, to New York City, California, Olympia, Washington. Berlin Germany, to Edinburgh Scotland.

In 2018, Cera debuted a new duet project, Delightful Squalor: an authentic American duet. Cera joins the seasoned talents of singer song-writer Lake Montgomery of Paris, Texas. These ladies provide honeyed harmonies you can hope to taste. Guitar, 5 string Banjo and ukulele in hand, they craft songs that feel timeless, songs to help sooth your day dreams along a road of country blues, gospel, folk and old-time jazz.

Cera is enjoying the success of her latest album Tumbleweed and is currently working on a new album, due out in spring 2021. Cera is available live solo, as a trio with the New Prohibition Band or as a duo with Delightful Squalor

Simply stunning, a phenomenal set. Thank you Cera – it was a privilege to spend some time in your world.

Arran Folk Festival

It’s a banjo thing. With her band The New Prohibition, she walks something more akin to the Yellow Brick Road than Route 66…Impala’s voice has a honeyed sweetness to it and it has the perfect foil, not in her admirable talents on the aforementioned banjo, but in Dirk Ronneburg’s traditional yet fiery violin, and that pairing makes this album both mature and endearing. “Gladioli”, for example, sets the stage for a touch of downhome redemption in such an effective manner that even Amanda Palmer would approve.

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