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This group was born from the Oran Bagraidh project, a residency in South West Scotland, inspired by the lost language of Galloway Gaelic. During the residency, which drew upon the ancient diversity of the region, artists created original work in indigenous languages from across the UK and Ireland.

The resulting live show – which has been dubbed as having the ability to conjure ‘the soul of these islands’ – comprises vocalists using five languages of Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Scots and English and medieval instruments: crwth, lyre and northern triple pipes, as well as fiddle, harp, guitar, accordion and electronics.

The exceptional a cappella singers and musicians create a rich tapestry of ancient threads and beautiful collaborative sounds.

Featuring Lorcán Mac Mathúna, Gwyneth Glyn, Josie Duncan, Doimnic Mac Giolla Bhríde, Barnaby Brown, Bragod, Kenny Rankin, Conor Caldwell, Tim Lane.

Sheer sonic brilliance ★★★★★


Beguiling and intensely beautiful

Shire Folk

A stunning and compelling collection of styles, sounds and ideas.. defies classification

Living Tradition

Just gripping. A night of music that was steeped in the peat of the bogs and real ancient stories.

A surprising and wonderful evening combining ancient sounds with unique musical creations

Offsite Productions - Crò Collective
Offsite Productions - Crò Collective
Offsite Productions - Crò Collective