Yoko Pwno

Hard hitting fusion of original folk tunes, showstopping vocals and quirky electronic beats

Fronted by the twin fiddles of whisky-fuelled folk maestro Lewis Williamson, classically trained RCS graduate Lissa Robertson, furniture building banjo player Gary Rafferty and physics teaching flautist Helen LeMar, Yoko Pwno deliver an unclassifiable and joyful mash-up of original folk tunes, showstopping vocals and irreverent electronic beats.

The band innovate, flex and mutate traditional Scottish folk roots in a way few are able. At the back of the stage, drummer Ali Hutchison and producer Calum Cummins are equally at home and referencing dance crossover acts like Disclosure and Red Snapper as they are producers like Bonobo, Matthew Herbert and Juan Atkins. Live on stage they deliver louder than life energy and more than a dash of tongue-in-cheek humour. After releasing their debut album ‘Artefacts’ via Skye Records in 2019, Yoko Pwno spent the summer on the road all over the UK. They are currently working on their second album with producer Iain Copeland (Peatbog Faeries, Session A9).

They are an unbelievable tour de force on stage, a musical paradigm shift! Trippy, diverse, innovative, unique and oozing raw natural talent and creativity. Easily one of the best bands around today!

New Hellfire CLub, Glasgow

Yoko Pwno are moving folk music forward. This is possibly the most genuinely innovative folk album of the year so far!

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Offsite Productions - Yoko Pwno
Offsite Productions - Yoko Pwno