Mairi Campbell

Mairi Campbell

Mairi is an award winning pioneering figure in Scottish music, masterfully weaving voice, viola and improvisation.

She gained worldwide recognition when her version of Auld Lang Syne featured in the blockbuster movie ‘Sex and the City’.

She conjures sounds that pulse from ancient and shamanic to futuristic and electronic.

Offsite Productions - 12th Day

Twelfth Day

In the wordless communication that passes between violinist Catriona Price and harpist Esther Swift as they perform, the strength of their decade-long musical partnership, friendship and shared humour is evident. It’s this depth of connection, and tangible desire to have fun, that gives Twelfth Day its extra edge.

Offsite Productions - Tinderbox Orchestra

Tinderbox Orchestra

Fiercely independent and led by some of Scotland’s most talented young musicians across genres, Tinderbox Orchestra have produced a variety of award-winning & experimental productions, gathered an international cast of professional collaborators, and transformed preconceptions of what an orchestra can be.

Offsite Productions - Crò Collective

Crò Collective

This group was born from the Oran Bagraidh project, a residency in South West Scotland, inspired by the lost language of Galloway Gaelic. During the residency, which drew upon the ancient diversity of the region, artists created original work in indigenous languages from across the UK and Ireland.

Offsite Productions - Dolphin Boy

Dolphin Boy

Dolphin Boy is a legend on the Scottish music scene, having remixed some of the greatest names in Scottish trad.

For over 20 years the cult down-tempo producer, previously signed to Tummy Touch records, has never lost sight of his roots and has continued to develop his uniquely witty, smooth and deliciously danceable style.