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Dolphin Boy is a legend on the Scottish music scene, having remixed some of the greatest names in Scottish trad.

For over 20 years the cult down-tempo producer, previously signed to Tummy Touch records, has never lost sight of his roots and has continued to develop his uniquely witty, smooth and deliciously danceable style.

His ingenious blend of remixes and mash-ups that marry funky break-beats with a wide variety of traditional and not-so-traditional samples continues to delight audiences in festival circles, at parties from Rajasthan to Scaliscro and large venues across the country.

In terms of mood, Gateaux Youth is one of longing. The grooves are deep, and each track has a drifting quality lonely as it is stirringly sensual … the combination is perfect.

Properly Chilled

It is club music with a Celtic twist, but done with a rare elegance and style, an infectious combination.

Andy Letcher on Vertical Variations

DJ Dolphin Boy is a unique entity. He has been an integral part of the positively evolving music scene in Scotland over the last 20 years and has also become one of Scotland’s favourite DJs and remixers. His open-minded musicality and ability to make even the folkiest of dirges sexy means he’s loved by the folkies and jazzers as well as by the hardcore clubbers on the dance floor. Hail Dolphin Boy. We love you you genre busting beat freak!

Aidan O’Rourke (Lau, Kan)
Offsite Productions - Dolphin Boy
Offsite Productions - Dolphin Boy